About Us


We are the Truax family! Sarah, Nick, Alexis, and of course, our dog, Saydee.

We returned back to our roots after nearly 10 years of living away from Michigan during Nick’s service in the United States Marine Corps. We spent six years in California where we rescued Saydee and almost three years in the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan) where our daughter was born.

After the fast pace of military life, the quietness and sense of community we felt in Rockford appealed to us and is ultimately the reason we chose to settle down here! We always dreamed of starting a business; though we weren’t sure exactly what our calling was. We were looking for something that would give us flexibility in our schedules while keeping us both near the home and our daughter Alexis. Alexis has several medical conditions that require frequent visits to specialists and lots of one-on-one attention.

We also wanted to do something that allowed us to create our own products and grow at our own pace since our daughter is such a huge part of our lives! We believe in the value of hard work and truly recognize the importance of using quality materials. We support our local community and try to give back in any way we can.

A little more about Alexis:

She is the driving force in our lives. Her beautiful smile and contagious giggle win everyone over the moment they meet her! Alexis is one of only 14 in the world born with a gene variant that effects her eyes, lungs, brain, heart, and muscles.

Alexis reminds us everyday to be thankful for all the things we can do: see the beautiful world, eat delicious food, walk in the woods, talk with friends, and hug our loved ones. These are all things Alexis struggles to do. She is blind, cannot sit up on her own or walk yet, does not speak words, and has severe developmental delays. There is very little information known about this gene variant and there is no cure.

She loves music (especially Taylor Swift), swinging, being tickled, reading books with Mom, napping on Dad, and laughing at loud noises.

 We do everything we can to keep Alexis smiling and laughing and getting stronger! Lexi goes to school five days a week where her teachers and occupational, physical, speech/language, and vision therapists work with her to build skills, strength, and improve cognitive abilities. She has a wonderful team of doctors at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, University of Michigan’s Kellogg’s Eye Center, and Alger Pediatrics that work well together to give Alexis the best care!