Frequently asked questions about our poly lumber furniture

Q. Why is your furniture so much cheaper than other companies?

A. On average, Truax Outdoor Living furniture is about 50% cheaper than other companies in the market. To start, we put quality and our customers first and profit second. We believe that everyone deserves quality made outdoor furniture for your deck or patio, such as our Michigan Adirondack chairs, at a reasonable cost.

Second, we try to stay away from wholesaling because in the long run that will just cost you more and we don’t want that. If retailers want to work with our terms and prices, then we’ll consider that option; otherwise, we will just keep selling them to you from our own location. You should know that the average markup for any given online or brick and mortar retailer is an average of between 50-200%.

Unfortunately, you the customer, are the one stuck paying that difference. We cut out the middle-man and by doing so are able to sell it to you directly at a lower price.

We have been approached by a few smaller businesses who want to sell our Adirondack chairs for $300+ and we have politely said “no”. We will always try to maintain the lowest prices on the market!

Q. Do you warranty your furniture?

A. Yes. We offer a 1 year warranty. Please see our warranty page for details.

Q. How long will my furniture last?

A. The material we use to construct our outdoor furniture is made from Tangent Technologies. They are considered the best manufacturer of poly lumber in the United States.  We feel strongly that our furniture will last you many decades…if not longer.  We at Truax Outdoor Living only use stainless steel hardware to deter the elements and high-quality material called Poly Lumber that is designed to last.

Q. How many colors are there to choose from?

A. 19 total. 12 standard colors, 4 tropical colors, and 3 premium colors. Plus, you can mix and match colors for multicolored outdoor furniture!  Visit the color page for a complete list.

Q. How do I clean my furniture?

 A. All of our outdoor furniture is maintenance-free.  Just a wet towel will work for most issues. For more stubborn messes, soapy water  is the strongest we recommend. As with most everything, lighter colors (like white and yellow) will show dirt and grime much quicker and may be more difficult to keep clean.

Q. Is your furniture made from composite material?

A. No. Composite material is a combination of plastic and wood fibers/sawdust. Composite is mostly found in deck boards, but some companies do make outdoor furniture from it. This combination, when exposed to the elements, can cause the furniture to mold, making it look dingy and old in a short period of time. Our material, called Poly Lumber is made from 95% recycled milk jugs. True plastic furniture like ours will last a long time.

Q. What makes your furniture better than the competition?

1. Our comfortable outdoor furniture is made from the best material in the United States. TANGENT Technologies, located in Aurora, Illinois, makes PolyTuf recycled boards.  They are the best we have seen anywhere and we are extremely satisfied with the business relationship we have with them.  Not all companies are using a material with this high of quality.

2. We design all of our Outdoor Furniture so that our hardware is hidden from view. This gives each a clean appearance – perfect for your deck, patio, or yard!

3. We use only stainless steel hardware, impermeable to the elements.

4. To our knowledge, we are the only company (IN MICHIGAN?) building and selling the poly lumber Michigan Adirondack chair. Even compared to the wooden ones available by our competitors, you will find that the backs of our Adirondack chairs have the most detail in the shape of Michigan than anyone else!

5. Most importantly, Truax Outdoor Living has the lowest price on the market. If we were to put a value on our Adirondack chairs based solely on what we see on the market from competitors we would set our MSRP at roughly $500 per chair. We sell them for $199 because we feel this is a fair price for everyone.

Q. Do you ship your furniture?

A. Yes. We offer shipping on all items needing assembly: Adirondack chair and Rocker, side table, ottoman, and cup holders.  We ship from our location and also from our Etsy store!

Q. Can I leave my furniture out all year round?

A. Yes, our Poly Lumber material is resistant to harsh weather and all hardware is all stainless steel helping to make all of our outdoor furniture maintenance-free year ‘round.