Side Table Assembly

Directions to put together your recently purchased side table.

Adirondak Table Pieces

Table Pieces
– Tabletop
– Shelf
– Legs (4)

Hardware (included):
(8)  1  1/4″ screws
(8)  1″ screws

Required tool:
Phillips screwdriver

We recommend using a screwdriver to assemble this side table.
If you choose to use a drill, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
Use a screwdriver to hand tighten so you do not drill through!

Adirondack Table Letters Must Face You Step 1

Step 1

Turn the table top over and insert legs onto dowels,
lining up the leg with corresponding letters (A,B,C,D).

The letters must face you (see picture)

Adirondack table insert & tighten 1

Step 2

Insert and tighten two (2) 1 1/4″ screws into each leg.

Adirondack Table Line Up Dowels

Step 3

Line up dowels on the lower leg with the
holes on the shelf.

Adirondack Table Insert & Tighten 2

Step 4

Insert and tighten two (2) 1″ screws into each leg.

Finished Adirondack Table

Step 5

Set side table upright and enjoy!