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Be in the know about the Poly Lumber Industry

Poly lumber outdoor furniture has been around for roughly 20 years now. It is just now starting to gain popularity due to its long-lasting and maintenance-free characteristics. Approximately 95% of poly furniture is designed and built by the Amish in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. These companies range from 5 employees to over 100 employees depending on their size of production. Bigger does not mean better!

80% of furniture builders design their furniture using PolyTuf boards made from Tangent Technologies in Chicago. We also use them and based on our research of the different manufactures of poly lumber believe this is the best material to have your furniture made from. We have sampled many types of lumber from all over the US and nothing quite stands up to the characteristics and quality of these PolyTuf boards. Another thing to look for is furniture reinforced with aluminum frames and supports. Not every company does this and it will cause problems in just a few years. These boards do expand and shrink with temperature changes. Aluminum supports help maintain the integrity, and shape of your furniture. If you decide to purchase a table of any size or shape make sure to look underneath for an aluminum frame and always ask about the material the furniture is made from before purchasing.

Outdoor poly furniture is being sold anywhere from your local mom and pop shops to the big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards. Where you buy your furniture will make a difference in the quality and price you pay. The retail markup for poly furniture ranges from 50% – 200%. It is no secret that most poly lumber furniture is very expensive; however, most furniture will last you a lifetime. The average residential warranty is 20 years across the board.

Here in Michigan we see a lot more poly lumber furniture starting to make its ways in to retail stores. About 90% of the furniture you see in displays on the side of the road, at stores, and online is being shipped up here from Indiana and Ohio.

Make sure to take your time when shopping as each company specializes in their own style of furniture. Different things to look for would be modern or traditional styles, hidden hardware, furniture made from bended boards, niche items like our Michigan backs, colors, and textures. Also, take your time and do research before buying anything. You could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars based on who you buy from.

Poly furniture has mostly been built by hand tools. Some companies (like us!) have turned to CNC machines to help build more detailed and high quality furniture. In most cases, the larger companies are using CNC and smaller shops are sticking to more traditional ways of production. Here in Michigan there are only six companies that build poly furniture. Truax Outdoor Living is the only ones that use a CNC machine.

Competitor Pricing

The competitor pricing seen on each of our products shows you a price range based on what we are seeing in the market. Our information comes from hundreds of hours of research online and in stores. This is why we offer PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. We are that confident that you will not find anything cheaper than our prices!