About Poly Lumber


This highly resistant material makes our furniture maintenance-free and lasts for decades!

Our Adirondack chairs, as well as our other outdoor furniture, are made of maintenance-free HDPE (high-density polyethylene) from Tangent Technologies, LLC. It’s called Poly Tuf and it’s a material made from at least 95% recycled plastics from the USA that are melted down and turned into HDPE.

Poly Lumber is not the same as Composite Lumber. Unlike composite lumber, Poly Lumber contains no sawdust or other fillers making it last for decades and offers the following real benefits:

• No Rot and No Decay
• Mold and mildew cannot penetrate the surface
• No Corrosion
• Pest Proof.  Insects and termites cannot infiltrate below the surface
• No Splintering, Cracking, or Warping
• Resistant to UV and Harsh Weather Climates
• Greater impact resistance than wood
• Resistant to most chemical exposures
• Easy to clean. Mild soap and rinsing with water will do

We Have Finishes, Colors, and Combinations for Every Design Need!

We can do all our furniture in each of these colors as solids or as combinations of two colors.

All standard and tropical colors have a smooth orange peel texture to them. Premium colors have a wood grain texture.

Standard Colors:

Tudor Brown, Black, Cherrywood, Dark Gray, Standard Blue, Cedar, Light Gray, White, Turf Green Cardinal Red, Weatherwood, and Patriot Blue.

Tropical Colors: 

Purple, Orange, Yellow, Powder Blue, Bright Red, Aruba Blue, Pink, and Lime Green.

Premium Colors: 

Coastal Gray, Antique Mahogany, Driftwood, Walnut, Birchwood, and Brazilian Walnut.