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Truax Outdoor Living, LLC.  Limited Product Warranty

Truax Outdoor Living extends to you a 1-year limited residential and 1-year limited commercial warranty on all material and craftmanship for our poly lumber furniture. This is from the original date of purchase, non-transferable. Please keep your receipt as this will be needed to make a claim in the future if needed.

What our 1-year limited warranty covers.

This limited warranty covers substantial defects under normal use directly caused by:

• Termite damage
• Fungal decay
• Rot
• Splintering
• Cracking
• Peeling
• Chipping
• Corrosion

If the products are found to have one of the issues stated above, We, in our sole discretion will promptly repair or replace the defective part in a timely manner.

What is not covered?

This warranty does NOT cover:

• Fading
• Neglect
• Misuse
• Abuse
• Improper or abnormal use
• Failure to maintain
• Fire
• Acts of God
• Stains
• Environmental Pollutants
• Storage damage
• Handling
Improper Assembly

How to make a Claim

1. Call us at 616-309-0284 and we will walk you through the process to see if you qualify for a warranty claim.

2.If it is determined that you are covered, we will ask for a picture of the defective product. In some cases, we may have you ship the piece(s) to us for further inspection.

3.If you are local to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, you may bring the defective product to us and we will fix it. If that is not possible we will mail you a new piece (Customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with claim).

This warranty only applies to pieces assembled by Truax Outdoor Living staff. If you received your furniture by mail and improperly assembled it causing damage, it will not be covered. Please read Instruction Manuals thoroughly before assembly.

Refunds or replacements will only apply to the defective part, not the complete product. As always, please contact us with any issues regarding our outdoor furniture. Customer satisfaction and high quality are our top priorities. We will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your experience with us. 

Thank you,

Truax Outdoor Living, LLC.